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Bioplatforms Australia is a signatory to the USA – AU Cancer Research MoU
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Bioplatforms Infrastructure

Bioplatforms Australia invests in infrastructure in the fields of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics
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Bioplatforms Projects

Bioplatforms Australia supports strategic projects and training programs to leverage ‘omics capabilities
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Bioplatforms Training

Bioplatforms Australia offer a range of training courses developed in conjunction with various partners
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Annual Report

Bioplatforms Australia 2016 Annual Report

News and Media

Bioplatforms Australia News and Media

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Bioplatforms Australia Infrastructure


DNA sequencing for gene discovery, genome mapping and analysis.


Large scale analysis of protein structure and function.


Measurement and analysis of metabolites.


High performance computing for large-scale data acquisition, interpretation and analysis.

Bioplatforms Australia Projects

Oz Mammal Genomes

The OZ Mammal Initiative aims to build a genomics resource to help understand and protect Australia’s mammals.

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Marine Microbes

Marine microbes play a critical role in our oceans health—making up the bulk of ocean biomass they directly control the majority of the oceans energy production

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Plant Cell Walls

Australian crop and food industries together with emerging industries related to renewable transport fuels and biomaterials will all gain from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Cell Wall Biology.

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Nanoscale BioPhotonics

This centre is a highly innovative research program that merges capabilities in nanoscience, photonics and biomolecular science in order to explore and measure molecular processes occurring within living systems.

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DNA Barcoding

With DNA barcoding, we can vastly accelerate this rate of biodiversity discovery and conservation as well as generate significant scientific and economic benefits.

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Koala Genome

Sequencing the koala genome to protect against debilitating disease and gain insights into their unique features.

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Stem Cells

Stem cells allow us to study fundamental processes in tissue growth, development, aging and disease.

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